Levelling Compound Products

DL10 Bulk Filling  Compound

DL10 is an advanced cement and polymer-based levelling compound with special aggregate. DL10 is formulated with high flow performance for levelling work on the installation of thick layers. DL10 is very suitable for quick setting preparation solutions and also can be used as a fast set screed with low ratio water mixing.

DL33 Self-levelling compound

DL33 is an advanced cement and polymer-based levelling and smoothing compound.DL33 is formulated for levelling work on standard construction in universal areas. DL33 is suitable for internal use on new or existing substrates for trafficable areas that are used internally as an underlayment.

DL55 Levelling Compound

DL55 is an advanced cement and polymer-based levelling and smoothing compound. DL55 is formulated for experienced commercial contractors to smooth and level large commercial and retail areas. Once dry it is suitable for the application of vinyl, carpet and tile floor finishes. Unlike normal hydration levellers, DL55 will harden and dry at temperatures down to 10°C.

DL59 Indoor/Outdoor Levelling Compound

DL59 is a cement-based levelling compound with very high compressive strength to C40. DL59 is especially suitable for high traffic, heavy wear location. DL59 can be also used as overlays for polished concrete floors.

BICOMAX High Performance Self Levelling Compound

Cemimax Bicomax is a Bi-Components high-performance self-levelling compound with low odour, fast-setting, fast-drying, specially designed for wet areas, high moisture vapour control subfloor, exterior and suitable for preparing sound internal subfloors before the installation of new floorcoverings.

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