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ECOTAZ Decorative PCT Cementitious Overlay

ECOTAZ Decorative PCT Cementitious Overlay

Item Code: ECOTAZ Decorative PCT Cementitous Over

Decorative PCT Cementitous Overlay


ECOTAZ Data Sheet

ECOTAZ Safety Sheet

ECOTAZ is a Cementitious based levelling compound designed and based on a decorative overlay with Terrazzo Quartz and sand granular components.

Product Properties/Benefits:

Plastic dry cement mortar with finely graded fillers. When mixed with water, produces a hydraulic-setting smoothing compound with good flow properties and high coverage.


  • Special cements, mineral fillers, polyvinyl-acetate- copolymers, flow agents and additives.
  • Super smooth.
  • Extremely high strength of compressive and bending.
  • Versatile - apply 5mm to 40mm in one application.
  • Rapid hardening walkable from 2 hours.
  • Superior flow fast application.
  • Can be polished.
  • Different colours and aggregate to selection.

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