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DL55 Levelling Compound

DL55 Levelling Compound

Item Code: DL55 Levelling Compound

General-purpose, Self-smoothing and leveling compound

DL55 Data Sheet

DL55 Safety Sheet

DL55 is an advanced cement and polymer-based levelling and smoothing compound. DL55 is formulated for experienced commercial contractors to smooth and level large commercial and retail areas. Once dry it is suitable for the application of vinyl, carpet and tile floor finishes. Unlike normal hydration levellers, DL55 will harden and dry at temperatures down to 10°C.

Product Properties/Benefits:

Plastic dry cement mortar with finely graded fillers. When mixed with water, produces a hydraulic-setting smoothing compound with good flow properties and high coverage.


  • Special cements, mineral fillers, polyvinyl-acetate- copolymers, flow agents and additives.
  • Super smooth requires no sanding.
  • Versatile apply 1.5mm to 40mm in one application Rapid hardening walkable from 2 hours.
  • Superior flow fast application.
  • Flexible hand mix or pump application.
  • For Interior use.
  • Suitable for Radiant Floor Heating systems.

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