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PP5 Rapid/Ramping Compound

PP5 Rapid/Ramping Compound

Item Code: PP5 Rapid/Ramping Compound

Cementitious, Rapid Repair Patching and Smoothing Compound

PP5 Data Sheet

PP5 Safety Sheet

PP5 is an advanced cement and polymer mix that is a highly versatile, rapid drying, patching product. PP5 produces a smooth underlayment that eliminates subfloor issues before the installation of flooring. It's fine aggregates allow it to be installed from a feather edge up to high fill depth in one application. Superior bonding allows it to be applied over concrete, existing well-bonded flooring, properly prepared non-water-soluble adhesive, and well-bonded gypsum all without having to use primer in most applications. PP5 is a perfect solution for filling holes, crack repair, ramping, and embossing leveller. Indoor and outdoor use.

Product Properties:

  • High depth limitation versatile.
  • Fast Setting floor covering installations within 15 minutes.
  • Superior Bonding - eliminates the need for a primer in most applications.
  • Low Stress Ability to cover difficult substrates.
  • Longer Working Time Job site flexibility and lower installation costs.
  • Low to No VOC Healthy indoor air quality.
  • Excellent Mixing and Flow Minimizes time and costs of installations.

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